Game Scores




The goal of this constantly updating page is to list every game that I have played and apply a rating of enjoyment to it. Just as a note, if a game is not in this list it doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t played it – I just might not have added it to the list yet.

Also note: each game links to a tag on the blog, but for some games there might not be any posts yet.

Rating System
WTF??? – A game that I can’t just even comprehend… How? Why? Wha?
Don’t Like – Game causes negative emotions – frustrates and annoys me, or just has got me bored.
It’s Alright – Don’t really feel engaged by the game, but at the same time can’t say that I don’t like it. It’s possible that it’s a great game that’s just not my cup of tea. Complete it only if it’s short.
Conflicting Thoughts – I like the game and get positive emotions from it (and might even complete it, or replay it), but it also has got what I consider to be severe flaws.
Really Like – Great game that I really enjoyed and most likely completed/played for a long time. Might have some big flaws or possibilities for improvement, but it doesn’t remove from the overall experience.
OMFG!!! – A great game that is not just enjoyable, but managed to captivate on a greater emotional level. Can also be an example of truly amazing design and/or cohesive experience.

10 Second Ninja 2014 PC All levels in 10 Second Ninja X
10 Second Ninja X 2016 PS4 Really Like
Assassin’s Creed 2008 (2007) PC (PS3/X360) OMFG!!!
Assassin’s Creed 2007 Phone It’s Alright
Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles 2008 NDS Don’t Like
Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines 2009 PSP Really Like
Assassin’s Creed II 2009 Phone It’s Alright
Awesomenauts 2012 PC OMFG!!!
Broken Age 2015 PC/PS4 Conflicting Thoughts
Curses ‘N Chaos 2015 PS4 Don’t Like
Disc Jam 2017 PS4 It’s Alright
Drawn to Death 2017 PS4 It’s Alright
For Honor 2017 PC Really Like
Hearthstone 2014 PC OMFG!!!
inFamous: Second Son 2014 PS4 Really Like
inFamous: First Light 2014 PS4 Really Like
Journey 2015 (2012) PS4 (PS3) OMFG!!!
Lords of the Fallen 2014 PS4 It’s Alright
Luftrausers 2014 PC Really Like
Lumo 2016 PS4 It’s Alright
Rocket League 2015 PS4 OMFG!!!
Tearaway Unfolded 2015 PS4 OMFG!!!
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands 2017 PC It’s Alright
TorqueL 2014 PS4 Don’t Like
Valiant Hearts: The Great War 2014 PC/PS4 OMFG!!!
Walking Dead, The 2012 PC OMFG!!!

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