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I got my laptop back!

Good news, everyone! (And yes, you can imagine me speaking in Professor Farnsworth’s voice) My laptop is back from repairs! Finally. It’s been two weeks at least. It was hell. Special thanks to Brian Canart, who helped me not to lose touch with the outer world by lending me his own laptop. Brian, you’re awesome!

All in all, this means that, as soon as I set everything up (reinstall all the software and all that good stuff), I’ll continue the work on my side projects. So, keep an eye on the updates!

Dead Hard Drive on laptop = censored word!

So, at the end of last week, the hard drive on my laptop kinda died. The loss of information was insubstantial, thanks for me liking to back up stuff. However, I had to send the laptop to the manufacturer to replace the Hard Drive, and that will take one to two weeks (damn it for not being a desktop PC where I’d do everything on my own in less than a day!)

I’m using my friend’s borrowed laptop to not lose contact with the outside world and continue the job hunt. What that means, however, is that I will not work on any of my projects until I get my own laptop back. So, just so you know. No updates does not equal laziness, but technical difficulties and sense of respect towards another person.