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On Warcraft movie, critical reception, and cultural heritage

The Warcraft movie. Panned by most critics and reviewers, well-received by most audiences, and adored by most Warcraft fans. This is a flick that was expected to be the ‘messiah’ of video game movies, one that would turn the tides and show that video game adaptations can be absolutely fantastic for critics and viewers alike. The general consensus, due to the huge discrepancy of opinions, is that it did not succeed. I think that it did. It’s just something that will get to us in about a decade or two just how well the movie has succeeded as a video game adaptation and a start to a beloved movie branch of the franchise. After all, Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings also received mostly negative to mixed critical reception when first printed, and look where it is now almost a century later.

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What if The Hobbit in 48 fps is the first movie you see?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The first theatrical movie release ever with a framerate of 48 frames per second (only with 3D screenings, though). There have been a lot of diametrically opposite opinions about whether this 48 fps thing is any good. Certainly tons of negative reactions.

And, honestly, I was weirded out at first too. It took about 15 minutes before I got used to the high framerate. But, ultimately I got into the movie and enjoyed it immensely. Although it certainly was a different movie-watching experience, I kinda liked it. It felt a bit like theatre, with awesome sets on stage and multiple viewing angles. And, interestingly enough, I hadn’t had any problems with 3D making my head explode (which is my usual reaction to watching movies in 3D). That’s definitely a plus. But, would I watch the movie in high framerate again? And my answer to that is… Maybe. I don’t know. Certainly not before I see it in traditional 24 fps. But.

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