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What if The Hobbit in 48 fps is the first movie you see?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The first theatrical movie release ever with a framerate of 48 frames per second (only with 3D screenings, though). There have been a lot of diametrically opposite opinions about whether this 48 fps thing is any good. Certainly tons of negative reactions.

And, honestly, I was weirded out at first too. It took about 15 minutes before I got used to the high framerate. But, ultimately I got into the movie and enjoyed it immensely. Although it certainly was a different movie-watching experience, I kinda liked it. It felt a bit like theatre, with awesome sets on stage and multiple viewing angles. And, interestingly enough, I hadn’t had any problems with 3D making my head explode (which is my usual reaction to watching movies in 3D). That’s definitely a plus. But, would I watch the movie in high framerate again? And my answer to that is… Maybe. I don’t know. Certainly not before I see it in traditional 24 fps. But.

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