Thomas Was Alone

If there’s anything that Thomas Was Alone proves, is that you can make characters you relate to and root for out of anybody – even if they’re just… blocks. Of different colors. And it’s also really interesting how their personalities are related to their abilities.

Chris is short and he can’t jump high, so he has developed sort of an inferiority complex, for example. John is a very tall block that runs fast and jumps really high, and he’s somewhat of an attention whore and show-off, requiring the audience of other… blocks. And they develop their personalities throughout the game! It’s amazing. And the narration is awesome.

Not to mention that the level and puzzle design is really quite smart, and there are times where it requires a very clever use of said blocks’ abilities. Thomas Was Alone is really short, though. You can beat it in around 3 hours? But it’s a very enjoyable and engaging experience, I really liked the game and would recommend you to check it out.

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