Game Opinion – Luftrausers

Luftrausers is the kind of game that globally speaking does just one thing, in this case side-scrolling flying and shooting, but it does it oh so well. Controls are incredibly tight, there is lots of variety due to different customization options all affecting gameplay and how you control and shoot (and there’s a little mission tree for each customization item), and what kind of tactics and strategies to utilize depending on the loadout.

And what I really like is that each customization has a layer of music dedicated to it. So depending on how you equip your rauser, you’ll hear a different remix of the main theme. I think that’s very smart. This opinion piece is gonna be short, if you like pure fast-paced action games, then I would certainly recommend it.

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  1. luftrausers is one of my favorite games to play on the vita. as you said, the controls are very satisfying. There are also challenges specific to each configuration, which help to keep the player motivated. i hit a wall in terms of difficulty and haven’t played in a good long while, but it is definitely a great portable title.

    • Yeah. Want to note that I played on PC with keyboard, and usually one wouldn’t think that keyboard controls for this would be top-notch and responsive, but they are and it’s very awesome to play 🙂

      I’ve also hit a difficulty wall for quests, so I don’t really bother about completing them anymore, just pop-in from time to time to shoot stuff 😀 Sometimes that results in a quest or two completing.

  2. I imagine that with a standard keyboard layout, playing luftrausers would be like playing any other multidirectional ship-based shoot-em-up. So, probably it translates just as well between platforms!

    you know one game that i simply can’t bring myself to finish after getting stuck? the witness. i think reading the spoilers for it kind of ruined any potential surprise.

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