Game Opinion – The Deadly Tower of Monsters

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is absolutely oozing with style and atmosphere. The whole game is framed as a DVD re-release of an old sci-fi B-movie, with the director recording commentary for it. And I gotta say, from the very first loading screen when director starts talking for the commentary track before being corrected that nothing began yet, the whole style just clicks with you. It’s pretty awesome.

And you’ll see lots of awesome stuff in The Deadly Tower of Monsters – plastic trees, creatures animated with stop-motion, deliberately cringe-worthy character dialogue, fingerprints on the screen because director wanted to ‘clean the lenses’ during shoot… all that lampshaded with some very funny narration from said director.

And, I’m not a fan of the old sci-fi B-movie aesthetic, in a sense that it’s not something that interests me. But I just love what developers did with it for the game. And I think that to really appreciate the game and complete it you need to be into this aesthetic, maybe even a fan of it, because if you’re not, then most likely you’ll repeat the situation I had, – yeah, the whole atmosphere is cool and funny, but once the novelty wears off, there’s nothing really grabbing you.

Narrative is deliberately bad and characters deliberately campy, so what’s left is gameplay which is… just ok. It’s functional and serves its purpose, but it’s not the most satisfying top-view action, and while there are some really neat things the developers insert to spice up combat and exploration, like let’s say teleportation while you’re falling mid-air, it’s just… I don’t know. Kinda bland.

And it’s a shame, because the starting experience was so good, but the B-movie atmosphere alone is not enough to keep me in the game. You know those kind of co-op games that are okay-ish when you play on your own but are really fun when you play with a friend? (well, technically, even a very lackluster game would probably be enjoyable when played with a friend, but The Deadly Tower of Monsters is not a very lackluster game) This is the kind of game The Deadly Tower of Monsters is.

Except it doesn’t have co-op. I know, right? It’s perfect for it. And apparently the developers have thought about it too, as they’ve announced a Steam local co-op beta, and hopefully this mode will get released on PC and consoles alike, as the game really needs it.

So, if you’re into B-movies – just get the game. You’ll love it, you’ll have a blast, I’m sure. If you’re not… I would say that it’s probably safer to wait until the local co-op mode is released, as with a friend you’ll have a blast for sure.

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