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Game Opinion – Dead Star

I want to start by saying that I wrote this post about half a year ago, back when Dead Star was released and the possibility of a shutdown didn’t seem likely at all. Somehow, it didn’t get posted, so I am gonna do so now. Beyond the addition of this paragraph, I didn’t change anything to reflect the current situation, but now that the game is off the shelves and soon you won’t be able to play multiplayer matches, it feels sad and weird to read a recommendation to check out the game, even if I personally didn’t enjoy it greatly. Always a pity to see a game gone.

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The Curious Case of The Division’s Dark Zone

The Division is an open-world third-person shooter/RPG set in mid-crisis Manhattan, with a focus on co-op and multiplayer. One of the main multiplayer features is the so called Dark Zone. It’s an area of the city where you can find the most powerful NPCs with the best loot, but also the only area where you can kill other players and take their things. And you can’t just leave the Dark Zone and save your progress, you got to call an extraction which will draw attention of NPCs and players alike. In the end, gameplay in the zone is based on trust (or lack of thereof) and shaky alliances. It’s chaotic, intense, you never know what to expect and provides layers upon layers of player interactions… except all that doesn’t work as planned.

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