Game Opinion – Entwined

I want to try and make it a point to write on this blog about every game I play, and if I don’t have any particular analytical topic that I would try to tackle, then to just write a little opinion piece on it. And we start with Entwined.

Entwined is a really nice game that tests your finger coordination. Using the analog sticks, you have to properly move the fish on one half of the screen and the bird on another to avoid obstacles. That’s the core, and it’s very well made. Music adds to the atmosphere, challenges become more interesting over time, and it can be just nice and soothing to play it a little.

Where I see a problem, though, is the ending of each level. There the two characters fuse into one – a dragon, and the gameplay becomes fully three-dimensional. From an overall experience point of view, I can understand why this is done – the two characters who are in love are always apart on the screen and for some moment in time they’re together and there’s no constraints.

However, in my opinion that’s also the most boring part of the game. All you have to do, essentially, is to collect a certain amount of orbs scattered around the area. Which I guess would be engaging (as it’s actually quite beautiful until you try to achieve any particular goal) if it hadn’t been pretty frustrating, as the dragon controls are really clunky and it can be hard to get any sort of precision. In Flower, for example, the three-dimensional flying controls are far, far smoother.

But I would still recommend this game if you’re interested in the sort of gameplay the core provides. Thanks for reading, if you have any comments – feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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